Danish Interpreter

Professional Interpretation Services

Finding a skilled and knowledgeable oral translator, i.e an interpreter, is not easy. However, EMCI – the European Master of Conference Interpreting certification degree has changed this scenario. I, Jan Delaporte, am an EMCI trained and certified English, Danish and French interpreter.

My vocation is languages

Over the years and through professional experience, I have developed unique tools to offer unparalleled services to clients. I feel confident in stating that I have become a specialist linguist in various fields and with the competences to match.

I have the expertise to handle almost any type of project, and this has made me one of best in the market with relevant knowledge and experience for delivering language services. I have worked with various mother tongue English, French and Danish interpreter in teams at business conferences, meetings, events and other venues.

My Danish, French and English interpreting services are unique in several ways

  1. My dedicated and professional approach in handling tasks.
  2.  EMCI certified Danish, English and French interpreter who is well-trained in oral translation.
  3. Years of experience when it comes to Danish, English or French interpretation.
  4. Top-class level of conference interpreting on the private and public sector market across Europe and globally.

To fully benefit from my interpreter services you need to:

  • Plan ahead;
  • Book early;
  • Clearly define the task;
  • Use professional interpreter services to avoid communication issues.  

My core objectives as a Danish, English and French interpreter

  1. Offer premium language services through my expertise.
  2. Provide customer oriented services via linguistic expertise backed by years of experience.

For conference interpreting I work globally at meetings of all kinds, either in a booth or on the same platform as the speakers. My professional customers understand that interpreting is a very difficult and highly strenuous discipline.

General payment terms

I do not have a fixed price for a task, though I abide by specific professional standards. My philosophy is simple; high-quality service for the right price, and I do not offer low cost and low quality work. I deliver services through the qualification at the highest level and offer adequate rates.

  • You can contact me through the website or call me at (+45) 2670 6335
  • Translation is not just words! It is also cultural context, linguistic nuances, dialects etc.
  • Certified Interpreters are trained in oral translation (not to be confused with written translation by certified translators).
  • The European Master of Conference Interpreting qualifies to deliver high-quality conference interpreting on the private and public markets across Europe and globally.

I obtained my EMCI Postgraduate Degree from Copenhagen Business School, CBS, in Denmark in 2004. The Degree exists at other accredited EMCI institutions in Europe.

Please refer to this website for a detailed description of the degree: