Clients will often refer to interpreters as ‘translators’. The concepts of simultaneous, consecutive, whispered interpretation, active and passive languages are often not understood by potential users of interpreting services. The same applies for the challenges of interpreting heated discussions with overlapping contributions. There may be technical issues such as meeting with absent-minded attendants or interpreters under pressure forgetting to turn off their microphones. And so forth.

It is the interest of all parties involved to have the best possible service delivered. This is what our organisation strives to provide by adapting to the requirements and needs of the interpreting market and organising some of the best, most qualified and certified interpreters available today.

Interpretation is a very difficult discipline requiring very advanced cognitive and language skills to perform adequately and professionally at a high level. Sadly our industry has seen a decline in the quality delivered by our profession, a lack of generational changes within on own ranks, poor specialist organisation, and favouritism by certain associations.

Our mission is to change this, improve the product and skills we deliver and work hand in hand with people in businesses, organisations and other stakeholders in need of quality interpretation services.

Lost in ‘translation’? – definitely not with our organization!